According to me cardio is the most important thing you should do regardless of your fitness goals.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to be a bodybuilder or a professional athlete or anything else. Believe me cardio is more important than it is really given the credit for. And there are many reasons why you wouldn’t want to do cardio and here in this article I would like to give you solutions for any of that reason.

1. Cardio loses your muscles:

It’s not true, it’s just not true. The only thing you lose while doing cardio is fat and nothing else. You don’t need to worry about your precious muscles while doing cardio. Actually doing cardio even tones your body and gives your muscles better definition since you lost some extra fat.

2. Cardio is boring:

Most of us think that cardio is boring. Actually, most of us think that cardio is running, jogging, etc. Right? No cardio is more than just running or jogging. Swimming is an awesome cardio and believe me that’s anything but boring. You feel awesome after swimming for just 15-30 minutes.

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3. You’ve failed to get results:

Maybe you’ve already tried cardio for sometime and you didn’t get results. Maybe you’re overweight and tried to lose weight through cardio but didn’t lose any. So let me tell you just by doing cardio for an hour a day isn’t enough for losing weight. Try to work harder and keep at it, you’ll surely get results.

4. Ashamed of doing cardio:

You might just be ashamed of doing it. Half of the people in this world don’t want to do cardio just because they are not in good shape and embarrassed to go outside and do cardio. That’s all the more reason you should work hard and do cardio. In order to get fit and gain confidence you should definitely do cardio.

5. Cardio takes too much time:

No, it’s​ just isn’t right. It doesn’t require too much time to do cardio, 15-30 minutes of high intensity cardio is good enough for any of your fitness goals. You don’t need to spend hours on treadmill or other equipments, just go for a run for half an hour and that’s enough.

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