First Impressions: Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records


Sistine attends a magical academy to hone her skills in the magical arts, hoping to solve the mystery of the enigmatic Sky Castle. After the retirement of her favorite teacher, the replacement, Glenn, turns out to be a tardy, lazy, and seemingly incompetent bastard of an instructor. How is it that Glenn was hand-picked by the best magician in the academy?!

This anime is hilarious, believe me it’s fu**ing hilarious. You would seriously laugh a lot. I’ve just watched the first episode and I’m already liking it a lot.

According to me it’s an upgraded version of Great Teacher Onizuka with inclusion of supernatural abilities. The anime looks great.
It’s animation quality is very good. And it does have a pretty new art style which in my books is a plus point. There are lot of comedy scenes which just doesn’t let you get bored.

The story is interesting and I’m really looking forward to it. I really have high expectations from the story because it really does have a lot of potential to be one of the greats.

I really recommend you to watch it. I would have recommended it just for it’s comedy factor but it has something way more than that. 

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  1. Hou. I personally didn’t quite like the first episode, but oh boys how much I was wrong in thinking it was bad. As you say, it is funny to watch, but what impressed me the most were episodes 2 and 3 in which we see a (in my humble and honest opinion) a far more likeable Glenn. Not to mention, the latest episodes got me really interested in the story.

    So yeah. I can agree with the recommendation, do not drop it after first episode (I know of many who dropped it sadly).


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