In today’s world, one thing that you’re not allowed to be is unfit. Believe me you just aren’t allowed to be fat or very slim. If you’re not fit then you just aren’t considered good enough. Let me tell you my definition of Fitness, you should have good physique, you should be physically active and you should have good reflexes.

None of the above mentioned qualities should be excellent, it’s fine as long as you’re​better than good.

So guys let me give you few tips on how to get fit.

1. Have proper diet: It doesn’t matter whether you’re overweight or underweight, having a proper diet is the first step towards getting fit. 


2. Start Cardio: It’s​ great for losing fat. And if you’re already underweight then don’t worry, you’re not going to get more slim because you don’t have much fat to burn. Cardio is good for your heart and health. And it’s really good to get out of  your house and have some fresh air. So everybody should do it.

3. Start building some muscles: If you’re underweight and people are saying you should first get little fat and then start gym, then believe me they’re completely wrong. If you’re weak then start by doing some basic bodyweight exercises and once you build strength you can start doing gym or rather stick with bodyweight exercises and increase it’s​ level of difficulty to keep on increasing your strength. And I’m going to suggest both underweight and overweight people to go through same procedure.


So guys just start the journey to get fit and it’s gonna get easier with time. Don’t stop in between just because you’re having body pain or not getting results, keep going and you’ll surely get the results. And that body pain, it’s just a matter of few days, try to pass through that and then it won’t exist after few days.

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  1. 85% of many demographics do not do the minimum amount of aerobic and strength exercise. There are many reasons for this but many do not want to be embarrassed because they do not know what to do, are overweight and feel judged or shamed, or have a predisposed notion of what someone is supposed to look like.


  2. This is not a criticism… fitness isn’t one size fits all as the fitness industry tries to brainwash everyone with. In my eyes, it’s​ all about hard work, dedication and desire. Then all of the fancy things like “eating right”. Just my .02 worth

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