Your Name: A Beautiful Love Story


A teenage boy and girl embark on a quest to meet each other for the first time after they magically started swapping bodies.

NowTKD Rating: 9.2/10

So guys this was the most hyped anime movie of the recent times and I decided to give it a try. And let me tell you my experience with very hyped anime isn’t really good because most of the times they are not able to live up to the hype surrounding it.

 But let me tell you this movie is special. This is one of the most original anime I’ve seen in a long time. I mean in terms of story it is very original. It doesn’t have cliché moments of romantic anime or high school romance anime.

It’s story is very unique and actually very intriguing. In the middle of the movie you’ll start scratching your head thinking what the heck is really happening. And I don’t mean it in a bad way.

It has really used timelines in a really interesting ways and in ways you wouldn’t even expect it to.

The music is beautiful and used at the perfect time. The animation quality is spectacular and very realistic. 

This is a beautiful love story which has it’s​fair share of comedy scenes. This love story is different from others and it really shows that you don’t need kisses and hugs in order to make a good romantic anime. 

It is an awesome anime movie and I would really recommend you to watch it.

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  1. I loved this movie so much, i recently reviewed it too. Its not the deciding factor but the music really brings it all together in this movie, its such a beautiful soundtrack. I cried like a baby at the end.


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