Frieza Returns!!

Guys guys this is huge, the most badass villain from my childhood is returning as a part of the team of universe 7. 

Most probably he is returning and taking place of Buu. There has been a rumour floating around for the past few days about the return of frieza but now it’s confirmed.

Look at the title of next two episodes of Dragon Ball Super:-

Episode 92: ” Emergency! We don’t have all 10 Members!!!” Airing Date- 28th May

Episode 93: ” You are the 10th Warrior! Goku visits Frieza!!!” Airing Date- 4th June

Apparently Buu has fallen asleep and he won’t be able to participate in the tournament of power. That is the reason why goku suggests bringing frieza back from hell for few days. 

This is a really interesting curve in the series which already exceeded expectations. I think bringing back frieza at such a time means he has a bigger role to play than just taking part in the tournament of power. So what do you guys think about it??

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