Well good horror anime series are really rare. According to me good horror anime series are those series which do not allow you to sleep at night. There are few horror anime which are special and their speciality is a good, scary music. Believe me music can just make normal horror scene to an epic horror scene. 

So let’s get started with the list.

* Monster 

It is a great anime with well written story. It does have a really good cast. One of the best thing about this anime is it’s villain and he did make it to my Most badass villains in anime history list . It does have good music and you’ll be hooked on it once you start watching it.

* Hellsing 

It is a nice anime and it’s Protagonist is awesome. He is a Dracula. This anime does have Dracula’s in it, but don’t worry, it’s not like other anime who have tested with the idea of Dracula horror anime. It is special and you should totally give it a try.

* Another 

This anime is amazing. I mean it’s story is great and it does have mystery elements. It has a dark theme which perfectly fits it. It has a spooky music. All in all this is a great anime.

* Hell Girl 

This is one of the best horror anime out there. It has horror scenes that will really scare you a lot. It is one of the few anime which have old art style. It does have an interesting concept.

* When They Cry

This​ is a masterpiece. I mean at first you would think that this anime is going to turn into one of the harem anime but the moment you start thinking that, it is going to surprise. It has great story and definitely worth giving it a try.

* Deadman Wonderland

This is one of the most tragic anime series. It has a really good story. And at times you’ll really feel for the characters. It will bring you to tears. It is a great anime, so you should definitely watch it.

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  1. Monster, for the win! If you like horror, you should also check out Perfect Blue and Mermaid Forest TV. Perfect Blue even inspired Requiem for a Dream since Aronovsky bought the rights to Satoshi Kon’s first film just so he can recreate that movie’s “girl screaming in a bathtub” scene.

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