Let me start by asking this, do you work really hard and then don’t get any result? Or are you working so hard that you are getting way many injuries? Is your body aching even after regular exercise?

If your answer for any of the above questions is yes, then you must be wondering what are you doing wrong, right?

Let me tell you there can be two possible reasons for any of the above problems:

  1. You are expecting results too soon and working out your body way beyond it’s capacity.
  2. You are not working out in the way which suits your body.

    Look guys, for the first reason you just got to wait for results patiently and should workout only the amount that’s good for you because working way harder than what’s needed is just going​ to do more harm than good. Just wait patiently because every body has it’s own pace of muscle building.

    As for the second reason, if you have been reading my previous articles, I’ve already mentioned this before in PLAN BEFORE YOU WORKOUT article that not every person is going to benefit from the same workout program for one simple reason i.e. we were all made different. 

    So guys it’s always easy to work hard when you are desperate for results and overlook pain in your body. You know the reason why you might not be able to get results even after working hard is that you overworking. You need to understand that your body gives you signals that you need rest for a while by aching and if you’re avoiding these signals then you are not doing good to yourself.

    It’s not always about how much work you put in something, most of the times it’s about how efficiently you do the same work. I don’t mean to say that you don’t need to work hard, believe me you do need to work hard in order to get results but you need to think about your body and give it proper workout program that suits it and also give rest to your body once in a while.

    So guys now it’s your choice whether you want to Work Hard or Work Smart. Choose wisely.

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