When you talk about building muscles, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Let me guess, heavy weights, dumbbells, gym etc. Tell me if I’m wrong, actually don’t because i know that I’m right. It’s true weight training is the best way to build that massive muscles but this doesn’t mean that bodyweight exercises doesn’t build muscles. Bodyweight exercises are often neglected and that is the reason why i say Bodyweight exercises are not inferior to anything. It won’t get you massive chest or  t-shirt tearing biceps but in my opinion it is great for building few muscles. 

So let’s get started with the list.

* Pull-ups

Guys this is one of the best bodyweight exercise. And it is also considered the best exercise for back till date and that is including weight training as well.

* Push-ups

I don’t really think there is a replacement for this exercise. There are so many variations of this exercise. And it does get your chest in excellent shape.

* Handstands

It is very hard. And it also works your whole body at the same time. And it really does give your shoulders whole lot of muscles and strength.

* Dips

One of the best exercise one can do for building excellent triceps muscle. It is very hard and it does give you very good results.

* Muscle-ups

One​ of the hardest bodyweight exercise there is and believe me this exercise is for master level. And it works your whole body at once.

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