So guys few days back I made a list of TOP 5 UNDERRATED ANIME SERIES and i got an idea about making another list of overrated anime series. So guys there are few anime series that get over-hyped, they get a little too famous because of certain instances in anime or anything​ else but they don’t live up to expectations. I mean when you watch it you find that anime good but after completing it you think that it wasn’t worth all that hype. This is the list about such anime series.

So let’s​ get started with the list.

05. Tokyo Ghoul

It does have a unique concept and good story. It also have some badass scenes. But when you finish watching it, you will realise that this anime is overly-hyped for no reason.

04. Sword Art Online

It does have beautiful story and nice concept. But it isn’t that good according to me. And to top it off they have ruined the second season.

03. Death Note

When you start with this anime, you will think that this is gonna be epic and believe me it is. But it’s ending is one of the worst i have ever seen.

02. Attack on Titans

This is really very overrated. True, it does have good story and a very unique concept but it does not keep you hooked all the time. And it also gets too creepy sometimes.

01. One Punch Man

This anime is awesome but believe me it’s beyond overrated, it’s super overrated. I mean it has an overpowered protagonist that just finishes a fight with just a punch. And it doesn’t have a good story.

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  1. I’m not too familiar with the newer anime series after getting back into that medium last year, but I totally agree with Death Note being overrated. It starts out great, but so much plot and character derailment hampered my enjoyment of that series.
    By the way, thanks for liking my Legend of the Last Labyrinth review on my Iridium Eye blog! I appreciate it.

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      • Sure thing. Personally, my favorite thing Takeshi Obata has done was Hikaru no Go even though it’s nowhere near as edgy and hip like Death Note. That is an underrated anime and manga series. I like some dark anime like Texhnolyze or Now and Then Here and There for example, but I was underwhelmed with Death Note.

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