So guys every year there are many anime series who try to make a name for themselves. Select few of them make it really big and many isn’t even considered watching. But there are many anime series who don’t have good reviews just because some people don’t like it and for this reason they don’t get many future viewers. These anime series make it to the list of most underrated anime.

So guys let’s get started with the list.

05. Fate Series

This is simply awesome. Just be a little bit persistent with this anime and believe me you will not regret it at all. It has an awesome story and great action to top it off.
04. Trigun

This anime is great. It has hilarious scenes and badass scenes as well. It also has good story. In my opinion the reason it is underrated is because it has a really old art style.

03. Haganai

Man this is hilarious. It really is one of the funniest anime i have seen and that is the reason it also made it to my Top comedy anime series list.

02. Great Teacher Onizuka

This is also one of those anime which is underrated because of it’s old art style. Because i do think that it has all the ingredients of awesome anime. It is so funny that you will really fall in love with it. It’s also in my top comedy anime series list.

01. Samurai Champloo

This is really one of the absolute best out there. It is funny, it has great action, it has nice stories and it does have two really awesome protagonists. 

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Comment your views down below in the comments section and request any list you want me to make.



  1. I don’t think Fate Series, Haganai, Great Teacher Onizuka and especially Samurai Champloo are underrated. I never watched Trigun so cannot say anything about that, for me, these series are more overrated than underrated.


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