Guys let’s face it, when we start working out, we don’t have any particular plans about a workout. Admit it, because if you don’t then don’t waste your time reading this article unnecessarily.

Now then let me tell you a secret, I was one of you I also didn’t have any plan when I started working out. And it didn’t really helped me, actually now that I think about it, I was really close to giving up because of this reason. I was just doing everything I was getting my hands at but I wasn’t getting any results.

So, my point is that you should definitely have a plan when you start working out. Let me tell you if you have a plan, you are definitely going to get rapid results. 

When we start working out we tend to follow someone who has been working out for a long time and we try to follow their techniques. And we try to do the same exercise that they are doing. According to me this is a very wrong approach, I mean just because it’s working for that guy doesn’t means that it’s going to work for you too. I mentioned the same mistake in my article common mistakes done by beginners ( Now back to the point, we all are different entities, we all have different bodies so it’s pretty much self explanatory that a plan might work for one guy but it might not work for other.

My second point is that everybody have different plans. One might have a plan to lose weight and other might have a plan to get more muscle definition. So every individual have different plans. And you should have one that suits your needs.

It would be better if you consult an expert for making a plan that suits you and if you want to make it yourself keep these guidelines in your mind while doing it.

* Keep your goals very clear: Whether you want to lose weight or you want  to build muscles. If you want to lose weight then my advice is that you start with bodyweight exercises. If you want to start with bodyweight exercises then you can read this article (

* Take your physical condition in account: I mean whether you have an injury or you have particular weak body part that you might not want to stress a lot.

* Your long term plans: I mean whether you can go to gym always or you cannot. Can you keep working out your entire life? etc. etc.

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