So many anime seasons come out every year. And with them comes so many characters. Some of them you hate, some of them you like, some of them you love and some of them you cry for or laugh with them. And then there are some characters that just earn your respect. And those are the characters that make into my list of legendary anime characters.

I have used very few protagonists in this list because they are really legendary but i wanted to give more attention to other characters.

Caution:- It does have some spoilers so don’t go ahead if you don’t want any spoilers for anime series.

10. Goku

(Anime- Dragon Ball Series)

I don’t think he needs a reason to be in the list. I mean he is a trendsetter. He started the craze of anime.

09. Portgas D. Ace

(Anime- One Piece)

This man is awesome. He is a beast to top it off. I don’t want to spoil fun for those who have not watched it. But he is going to earn your respect.

08. Isaac Netero

(Anime- Hunter x Hunter)

This old man is not a pushover. Actually he is the best. He is a real legend in this anime. And you are gonna love him.

07. Levi

(Anime- Attack on Titans)

This man is taking badassery to next level. He maybe the most badass human without any superpowers.

06. Gin Ichimaru

(Anime- Bleach)

This guy is good. Really good. I don’t want to say much about him because it’s going to spoil your fun.

05. L

(Anime- Death Note)

This guy is so good that sometimes you think how can someone be so good. According to me, He is the smartest anime character of all time.

04.Lelouch vi Britannia

(Anime- Code Geass)

This guy is the one who will win your hearts million times over. I just want to say that this kid is the best.

03. Kenji Harima

(Anime- School Rumble)

He is the only one in this list who comes from romance anime and also who comes from one of the top comedy series in my list( And man he is an idiot but you are definitely gonna respect him when you are done with this anime series.

02. Jiraiya

(Anime- Naruto)

Pervy sage, he is the first character who earned my respect. He is too good. And believe me you will think the same when you watch this series.

01. Itachi Uchiha

(Anime- Naruto)

I seriously love this guy. He is the best amongst the best. If he doesn’t earn your respect then you might be a cold-hearted b**ch.

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