The best genre in anime, according to me, is comedy. I mean, why wouldn’t it? No matter what, you just won’t get bored of it. It is an awesome genre and some of the all time greats belongs to this genre.

So today I’m going to make a list of all time greats comedy anime series. They are not of any particular rank. Well then, let’s get started with the list.

*Ouran High School Host Club

Man this is a gem, it’s an absolute gem in the anime history. It’s so hilarious that it would make your insides hurt by laughing. It’s art style is pretty old but it’s good.


It’s an awesome anime. The story is pretty good as well. It does have a pretty good and new art style. It is very funny and believe me it has really good jokes.


This is the absolute best out there when you talk about comedy anime. It is a long series but if you think just because it’s long anime quality of comedy will reduce, then you are in for a surprise. It just gets better with time. It is also in my top 10 anime series of all time list (which you can read here-

*Devil is a part-timer

This has a unique story. I mean who would in their wildest dreams think that you could take devil king as a protagonist and make a comedy anime and then expect it to be successful. And then it exceeded those expectations and became hit. It is awesome and you should definitely give it a try.

*School Rumble

It is an old school rom-com anime which really has comedy part in bulk. And it’s male protagonist is in the 3rd position of my legendary anime characters list (list which I’ll post later). First few episodes are not too funny but in the course of series it picks up and gets better.

*Great Teacher Onizuka

This one is hilarious. The concept of teacher and student comedy has been tried a lot but none have delivered like this anime. It is one of the very best out there. It does have an old art style but i don’t think that should be any problems related to it.


This is a hilarious anime. This one is funny throughout the series. It has a basic concept of just throwing in some weird characters at one place and it somehow did work out for the creator. It is an awesome anime.

There are many more good comedy anime series out there and if you want i can make that list too.

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  1. That’s a good list even though I haven’t seen all of those series. I’d put Shinesman on my list if I focused on comedy. It’s a hilarious Power Rangers parody OVA with an awesome English dub and funny business satire.


  2. Great list of funny anime. I really need to see Haganai, Gintama and Devil is a part-timer. I think I have Devil is a part-timer in my computer from the Microsoft store but I am too lazy to start the series lol.


  3. Gintama, definitely. Ouran has its drama, but indeed, it made me roll in laughter the first time I watched it as a teenager. But where’s One-Punch Man? Ahahaha. Anyway, nice list. I also like comedy when, especially after watching overly emotional and serious anime. Keep on watching anime. Cheers!


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