So few months ago i thought my muscle gains are not fast enough and i was pretty much bored with the Conventional Sets. And i thought that it’s time to try something new. At that time i heard something about SUPERSET and i thought why not give it a try. I mean what’s the harm in trying, right?

For those of you who don’t know, SUPERSET is basically doing multiple exercises in continuation without rest and then after completing one circuit you take some rest and then repeating the circuit as many times as you want. For example: 3 sets each of bench press, dumbbell flyes, dumbbell press. In Conventional Sets​ you will do one set of bench press then take a little rest then you’ll do second set and then third set after a little more rest. And then you will move onto dumbbell flyes. And after completing three sets of previous exercise you will move onto dumbbell press. But in SUPERSET you will do one set of bench press and then immediately move onto dumbbell flyes and after completing one set of that too, you will immediately move onto one set of dumbbell press and you’ll do all this without any rest in between. This whole circuit is your one SUPERSET. You will take rest after this one circuit is over. Now you can redo this circuit as many times as you want.

Advantages of SUPERSETS:

1. It increases your endurance

Since your muscles are under work for longer period of time, it increases your endurance considerably.

2. It requires less time

So it’s obvious that it requires less time because you don’t take rest between each set of each exercise. And this is great plus point, i mean we all have a busy life. We want better results in less time.

3. It increases your strength considerably

This one is a no brainer. When you put more stress on your muscles and that to with very little rest, you are going to definitely get your strength increased.

Disadvantages of SUPERSETS:

There are not any particular disadvantages of SUPERSETS, it’s just that if you try to overdo it you are going to get yourself more prone to injuries. And also you need proper rest in between the SUPERSETS.

So guys if you are bored of conventional sets i seriously recommend you guys to try superset. It worked for me to get some rapid muscle gains and I’m sure that it will work for you guys as well.

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