Actually i have already lost 80% of viewers just because of the heading “ Motivation for Workout “. Not a catchy heading i guess. And most of the viewers would think what is he gonna add new. He is gonna say the same old things about working hard, not giving up and etc. etc. And actually your thoughts are not wrong, I am going to say those things because they are basics. Come to think of it, it’s not basics, it’s universal truth. 

Now then i’ve even lost those 10% of the viewers with all the unnecessary talks. Well i am left with only 10% of the viewers. I gotta think about retaining at least these many viewers, i mean who else is gonna advertise about my awesome article. 

Now that’s enough chit chat let’s get to the point. It’s true i am gonna state some obvious facts but if you think I’m not going to add something new then you are mistaken. I’m going to state some of my own personal experiences. 

Actually after the last statement i guess I’m only left with 4-5% viewers. But that’s exactly what I wanted because let’s get real most of the people would just read and forget about it. But if you are few of those who were persistent with me up until now I’ll try to change your ways of looking at things.

Let’s get started then. Let me ask you a question to get things started. Who according to you is better for motivation a person who is really educated let’s say has a masters degree in psychology or someone who has worked himself to get to the state where he can call himself fit?

I’m from the second category. I have really started from the bottom. I was around 92 kg when i was 16. Well you don’t need a Einstein’s brain to guess that i was way fatter than a normal fat kid. And you know the reason why i got fat in the first place, it’s because when I was around 15, i was fat but not that much, at that time many people told me that don’t worry about your weight you will get slim when you get a taller. All that fat is gonna vanish when you get tall. But surprise surprise i didn’t get any slimmer. Actually my weight just sky rocketed and i landed straight into that prestigious mark of 92 kg with 5 feet 8 inch of height. I did think at this point that i need to lose weight for obvious reasons.

I started on my journey of weight loss. It was really hard, actually it was terrifying and really painful. At times i thought that i should give up rather than tolerating this pain. And actually i came very close to giving up. 

But i didn’t give up for one simple reason because i had my goal at my mind. It’s easier said than done. You see if you are always going to think about the path you are going on rather than your goal you are bound to be unsuccessful. 

Let’s get one thing straight when you start your journey of becoming fit you got to have your goal sorted out. 

And when you think about giving up just think about how good you are gonna be when you reach your goal. 

Actually when i thought​ about giving up i had one particular thought in my mind, just how good it would feel to make all those mouths shut who kept on teasing me and bullying me because of my physique. I just wanted to look the expression of disbelief on their faces. It’s true that thought alone kept me motivated all along.

And it’s also true that i didn’t work hard for those who believed in me, i worked hard for those who didn’t believe in me. Because i just wanted to prove them wrong.

One thing more it’s by no means an easy journey and you are definitely going to get hurdles. And it’s not going to be easy to jump over all of them. Some of them are going to be so high that you would like to take an alternate path rather than trying to jump  over it or you are going to give up. That’s where your determination and grit will be tested. Because

Not a thing in this world worth having ever comes that easy.

Let me give you my personal life experience about overcoming obstacles.

Well i was fatty and i used to get sick a lot and quite easily. I was an easy target for diseases. Now whenever i had a little progress and i thought that i am going at a good pace and i thought that I’m going to get in better shape than before. I had an unwanted guest in my body and that was disease. And after i got recovered from my disease i gained weight just to build back my strength. And ultimately i had to start from square one. But after 5-6 times i got really mad about it and i started using it to my advantage. Whenever i got sick i used to use that sickness to lose some of that extra body fat i had. Although it did have some really bad consequences but in the end it worked out for me.

Note:- Don’t try this on your own body. It is really dangerous.  It was my body so i could do whatever the hell i want to. Just because it worked on me it doesn’t means it’s going to work on yours too. 

Don’t try to imitate others. Just because some trick worked on someone it doesn’t means it’s going to work for you too. 

My final point is that you don’t have to motivate yourself to work hard for years, it’s simple you have to motivate yourself to work just for that particular day.

You have to hype yourself to work hard today not tomorrow.  

Because think about it what would happen when you try to reach so far that in the process you get away from the thing you are holding on to today?

If you don’t have a firm grasp on your present, you are not going to get to the point where you want to reach in the future.

It’s just that you may not be special, you may not be talented, you may not be lucky but as long you are true to yourself and your hard work you are going to be the best.

Don’t aim to be just good enough. Aim to be the best at what you do.

Actually when you think about It there is only one thing you need to be the best and it’s hardwork and hardwork alone. You see you may not be gifted but that makes it all the more fun.

Talent and natural gift can be substituted by gruesome hardwork but there is no substitute for hardwork.

And finally believe in yourself and don’t listen to what others have to say because it’s your journey and it’s you and you alone who is going to go on and complete that journey. Believing in yourself is the first step towards success. It’s not tough to believe in yourself just give it a try i believed in myself and i changed. So if i can change you can change too.

In the end i hope that i was able to change atleast one heart and motivated him/her to start working hard.

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