First Impressions: My Hero Academia Season 2

This spring season has some of the biggest anime series set to be released. Attack on Titans season 2, My Hero Academia Season 2 are few of those Series. One of the most anticipated and awaited series My Hero Academia Season 2 has been released today.

My Hero Academia 1st Season was really appreciated and liked by the viewers. It had 13 Episodes in it’s first installment. It had great action and comedy scenes. It had great story. The first season was instant hit and a lot was expected from season 2.

Today 1st episode of season 2 has been released. You can watch it at Crunchyroll or FunimationNow. 
The first episode was nothing special. But it gave a major spoiler at the start of the episode. New opening and ending was great. This episode has fair bit of comedy and no action anywhere. But it gave us basic idea of what’s about to come in the whole season. And i must say last moments of the episode was epic and when i say epic i mean it. 

This season is going to be action packed and really epic. A lot is expected from the season and i think it’s going to deliver. What are your thoughts? Comment your views down below in the comments section.


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