Push-ups are the basic bodyweight exercises which gives you excellent results. Main muscles involved are chest and triceps. It is a compound exercise therefore it works almost every other muscle group. Now then for some people normal push-ups are hard enough but for some people it’s a walk in the park. And for those who want to devote themselves solely to bodyweight exercises, it’s pretty tough to increase the level of difficulty. Some try to elevate their feets from the ground to increase difficulty but after few weeks you will get used to it too. That’s the reason I’m making this list. So let’s get started with it.

05.Clapping push-up

It is a great exercise which works out your forearms as well along with chest and triceps. You get down to the basic push-up position and then go down slowly and when you push back up, push so hard that you have enough time to clap with both your hands. 

04. Diamond push-ups

It is an awesome exercise. It works out your triceps so hard that your triceps are gonna burn after 5-10 of these. Get into the basic push-up position and join your both index finger and both your thumbs to form a diamond. Now do the push-up.

03. 5 Finger push-up

It works your biceps and forearms like none other. It’s a basic push-up but there is a twist, you are not going to take support from your palms, it’s completely done on your fingers. It’s easier to upgrade it’s difficulty by just taking less support i.e. using less fingers.

02. Behind the back clap push-up

It’s actually an upgraded version of clapping push-up. The difference is just that you don’t have to clap in front of your chest but behind your back. It works your core very well along with all the other muscles.

01. One handed push-up

It is the hardest push-up form. You have to do the basic push-up with support of one hand. It’s too difficult. It works your shoulder and triceps along with other muscle groups.

Work hard and try to master all the forms and the day you will be able to do all these exercise you will achieve the beastly form.

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