Anime have wide range of genres and one of the most common genre is romance. Romance Anime is usually paired up with comedy, action, etc. There are really too many romance Anime series out there. And out of those many 80% anime series have really disappointed. But over the time some have really won millions of hearts and been praised for their stories. So let’s get started with the list.

08. My Little Monster

This anime is real good and it deserves a spot in the list. The anime is good blend of romance and comedy. In the anime male protagonist is feared by many in the school and nobody wants to be friend with him, therefore he doesn’t goes to school. The female protagonist is a studious girl and doesn’t have any friends either. One day the teacher asks female protagonist to deliver some papers to male protagonist and then their fates are intertwined. The art style is very good and has decent soundtrack. There is no conclusion to this story yet in the anime.

No. of Episodes:- 13

07. Toradora

This anime has a great story. The anime has it all the requirements of being a great anime.  The male protagonist is nice guy but he looks like a delinquent therefore he doesn’t have many friends at the school. The female protagonist is a short-tempered shorty with slender frame who is feared by whole school. One day the male protagonist realises that she lives just next to her. They get tangled into each other lives. This anime has good soundtrack. There are sometimes when you root for different couples than what you are getting in the anime. It has a little faulty ending according to me.

No. of Episodes:- 25

06. Blue Spring Ride

This anime is really good. It has a good plot. The male and female protagonist met when they were kids and they both fell(kind of) in love with each other but they didn’t tell each other. The male protagonist leaves the town and after few years he comes back. This time he is more handsome and smarter but he lost all feelings of love inside him. This just makes for an interesting story between them. The emotional part in anime really hit you and it has a good soundtrack.

No. of Episodes:- 13

05.  Nisekoi

This anime is one of a kind. Usually one of the protagonist loves another protagonist but in this anime both the male and female protagonists hate each other. It is really great belnd of comedy and romance. The male protagonist is son of leader of yakuza and female protagonist is daughter of leader mafia. To stop the fight between the two groups their leaders decided that there son and daughter have to act like they are dating for sometime. This makes for an hilarious adventure. This anime has 2 seasons but it doesn’t have a conclusion yet. But 3rd season is coming soon.

No. of Episodes:- 32

04. Golden Time

This anime is really special. This anime has one of the most interesting plot of all the anime series mentioned. The male protagonist has lost all his memories. So he thinks of starting his life from scratch rather than indulging in the past. On the first day of college a friend of his gets a bouquet of flowers straight at his face by the female protagonist. Later female prot befriends male protagonist so as to stay close to his friend. Their life starts to change from here. This anime has awesome soundtrack. This anime has the same problem as toradora you would want different couples to be together than what you are getting.

No. of Episodes:- 24

03. Clannad Series

This anime is considered one of the best anime series in romance genre and for all right reasons. The male and female protagonist are in the same class but female protagonist is one year older than the male and she had to miss her last year because of illness. The male protagonist helps set up the drama club back to normal which was disbanded some time ago. He does this to help female protagonist. This is where a love story starts to bud. This anime is really really good. First season you will be just satisfied with the series but in the second season you will be in love with it.

No. of Episodes:- 25

02. Kaichou wa Maid sama 

This anime is just perfect combination of comedy and romance. The family of female protagonist is very poor so she helps her mother by working at a maid cafe which she wants to keep a secret as she is student council president of her school. If her secret is out her reputation will be tarnished. The male protagonist is a prodigy and good looking.  The male protagonist accidentally knows about the secret and this changes their life completely. This anime is hilarious and you just won’t get bored for even a single moment. This anime has cute moments overloaded in it. All in all you are gonna love this anime. 

No. of Episodes:- 26

01. Your Lie In April

This anime is a masterpiece. The male protagonist is pianist who cannot play anymore because of a fear. The female protagonist is a cheerful and beautiful girl who is in love with the friend of male protagonist. She is also a musician. And the story proceeds from here. I don’t want to say much about this anime because I might give some spoilers. Anyways this anime is the very best. It will make you laugh with it and also make you cry with it. Go and just watch this you are not going to regret it. 

No. of Episodes:- 22

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