Bodyweight Exercises are not inferior to anything

Actually i was reading the last post that i made and it was pretty good. But something in it piqued my interest. Many people just think that if you want real strength you must be able to bench-press 200 pounds (Actually that’s a little too much) but it’s not true at all. You see many people can do 100 pounds bench press but won’t be able to do a single one handed push-up. That’s exactly my point, bodyweight exercises are often considered inferior to weight training but it’s not true. Bodyweight exercises are total beast if you do it right. People work hard for years to master hardest of the bodyweight exercises.


Now let me state some simple reasons for you to start doing bodyweight exercises from today. Here it goes.

01. It increases your balance

Believe me do handstands you would have monstrous hand strength as well as great balance. Most of the bodyweight exercises works your core and hence increasing your balance.

02. It increases your awareness of your surroundings

Actually if you do bodyweight exercises you get really good awareness of your surroundings. You would know exactly how much space your body needs. 

03. It increases your reflexes

Your reflexes and instincts just take over you if you do bodyweight exercises. It’s because while working with your bodyweight you just let your body get used to itself. You ever see people doing calisthenics, my oh my they have just animal instincts.

04. It builds massive strength

You don’t believe me? Try doing a one handed push-up, one handed pull-up, pistol squats, hanstand push-up, etc. You will believe me after you do it. It just takes your whole as*es strength to do one of those exercises.

05. They are super addictive

Once you get a hang of it you’ll get addicted to it. Because it’s not boring and you can keep learning awesome and cool new moves. Whereas in weight training you just lift dumbbell 100 times and according to me it’s just no fun.

So according to me you should give it a try because it is just too awesome to ignore. You should give it a try and believe me you won’t regret it.


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